Click on photo 🧴✨ Many friends have been messaging me that their skin is breaking out while they can’t go to a doctor because all the clinics are closed for anything it’s not an emergency during the epidemic. Here’s my interview with Massachusetts General Hospital News on skin care and sun protection during Covid19 with Tips and Q&A on COVID Skincare: Good news! Many dermatologists have found a way to take… Read More

Fashion and Fiction… Decades of research and hundreds of thousands of skin cancer-related deaths have shown that there is no such thing as a “healthy tan.” Followers of the fashion trends of the past endured bleeding themselves into anemia and poisoning from lead-based cosmetics and arsenic ingestion in order to obtain the palest skin possible; in the 20th century as the tan was redefined to represent health and a life of leisure rather than day labor outdoors, the same devotees began enduring blistering… Read More