Covid Skincare: What to do when you’re stuck in quarantine

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Many friends have been messaging me that their skin is breaking out while they can’t go to a doctor because all the clinics are closed for anything it’s not an emergency during the epidemic.

Here’s my interview with Massachusetts General Hospital News on skin care and sun protection during Covid19 with Tips and Q&A on COVID Skincare:

Good news! Many dermatologists have found a way to take care of patients via telemedicine and for some skin problems consultations via photos or videoconferencing really can work.

Our team at the Brown Dermatology Center for Lasers and Aesthetic Medicine,
all board certified dermatologists who are all also medical school professors

At our Center for Laser Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine in the Department of Dermatology at Brown University, our board certified dermatologists are currently doing virtual consultations. 💻

To book your consult with us, just call or message us:

☎️: 401-738-1120

Instagram: @brownderm_laser_and_aesthetics

A lot of friends, even those who are not immediately breaking out have been messaging me just to know what kind of skin care routine they should be using during this time. There are so many options for skin care out there and a person can spend a fortune on products that don’t even work.

Good news again: We offer our patients access to an online portal where you can get the most sophisticated skin care lines that are only sold in the offices of dermatologist, plastic surgeons.

So you can make sure you get your money’s worth in terms of the highest quality products that actually have scientific evidence behind them.

Here’s the link to our product portal:

Hope you all stay well, and wishing you the best in your skin health and wellness journey!

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