Sunscreens to Protect Against Skin Aging

Many of you have asked about taking sun protection to the next level, not only to protect against skin cancer, but also to protect against the aging of the skin, which is accelerated by sun exposure.

For anti-aging benefits, one needs to look for other factors in addition to the SPF that is listed on the the bottle.

Here is a link brief video interview that I gave for a dermatology journal this year on the scientific evidence behind different types of light, in addition to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, that also cause skin aging and uneven skin tone, and the factors and ingredients to look for in a sunscreen that help prevent both skin cancer and skin aging.

Educational Video: Sunscreens to Protect Against Skin Aging

Pic of sunscreens for anti-aging website interview

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ASKDERMMD twitter image

Stay youthful and be well!

~A.S.K., MD

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